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"you don't just take part in a Six Day event, you join a family"

Joseph "nutcase" Maartens (SA Six Day Circuit Race)

Nächster Ultramarathon

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  • Der Spruch der Woche: Which more or less made even this hard race seem as a joy-journey compared !

    Jesper Olsen über seine Teilnahme beim 6 Tagelauf in Colac, Australien

    Während die anderen Teilnehmer die Beine baumeln lassen ist Jesper wieder „on the run“
    Mit lockeren Etappen von 31, 40 und 46km gewöhnt er sich wieder an seinen Arbeitsalltag, dem Laufen.
    Zunächst, mal eben, durch zwei Drittel Australien im nahenden Sommer. (mm)

    Hier Jesper Olsens Texte von seiner Website:
    Thanks !!!
    - Much to my own surprise I found myself in the lead a couple of days into the Colac 6 Day Race and maneaged to hold on to it along with trying to preserve my legs for the next taxing stages of the world run.
    Beeing a race of high standards with a 19 year tradition of top results (including still standing world records for the 6day event), I had dreamed of participating in the Colac 6 Day Race - not dared to realistically dream of putting my name on the trophy along with those holding the ultra-history in their names.

    Yet somehow I succedet; perhaps due to the hardening of the Siberian stages during the world run (which more or less made even this hard race seem as a joy-journey compared !)

    My BIG THANKS goes to all those who supported me before, during and after the event !!!! Be it at the track; sending me messages of encouragement by internet; spectators; old friends met on the road down here; new friends made through the run and all those involved in the tecnical details of planning the event, planning my Australian stages and sponsors entusiastic support of the effort.
    I am hugely surprised by the friendliness and interest in my run, and that is probably what gave me the spirit to enjoy every single km of the 750km on the ambient Colac track. All of you have a share in the result :-)
    - What now remains is: will the legs be well enough to continue with the stages as from tomorrow. I hope to have preserved my energy thoughout the 6 day event, but will first know for sure during the critical 5-8 days that comes now. I will try to take it easy !
    PS: Sorry for not having posted detailed reports the last 4 days of the event. I found myselves involved in a quite fun strategically "poker game" of racing strategies which required a 24h-a-day attention.

    Webmasters comment:
    The race ended today at 12pm, and Jesper won the race with 756.2 km in 6x24 hours. 50km longer than the second place.

    2004.11.28. - .
    31km; 3:10:22h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
    Total 14.416km.
    (Crew: M. Gillan all stage).
    Start: 11:15am.
    Finish: 16:06pm.
    Time GMT + 11 hours
    +24c, almost clear sky and light wind at start.
    28c, clear sky and same at finish.
    After the 6 Day Race I have decided to take it very easy the first at least 4-5 days.
    Usually you would reward yourselves a long rest after a competition like this, but as it is my aim to make no unnecessary stops in the world run I must continue.
    - And that actually is a joy:
    As much as I appreciated the friendships and intense duels on the track - just as much I began to long for the open roads ahead of me :-)
    Silent, relaxed running into the horizon; watching for any sign of injury while taking in the nature that unfolds behind every bend of the road - back in the world run routine again!

    A pleasant surprise was that I was met at my start by several of the competitors & organizers from the 6 day race. The night I had spent at the farm of Tania & Rod Armistead who had been down in Colac to cheer me on at the race.
    -Australia still amazes me by its richness in friendly people!!

    2004.11.29. - .
    40km, 4:16:03h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
    Total 14.456km.
    (Crew: M. Gillan all stage).
    Start 9:40am.
    Finish 15:02pm.
    Time GMT + 11 hours
    +19c, almost clear sky & light wind at start.
    25c, overcast & same wind at finish.
    The distance slowly picks up; did 40km at almost usual pace. If I make the same distance tomorrow I should only be 1 day behind schedule - which would be a light price to pay for the effort at Colac.
    Today?s stage was dominated by cone-shaped hills which are of ancient volcanic nature. Else: the wide Australian farmlands as far as the eye can see.

    2004.11.30. - .
    46km, 4:41:37h. Excl. food, water, road-finding, toilet etc. stops.
    Total 14.502km.
    (Crew: M. Gillan all stage)
    Start: 10:07am.
    Finish: 16:20pm.
    Time GMT + 11 hours
    +18c, overcast & med. wind at start.
    22c, overcast & light wind at finish.
    - Stepping up distance :-)
    Slowly the daily distance is getting back to normal. Still there is a small soreness left in the Achilles, while the knees seems to have fully recovered by now :-)

    (01.12.2004, Markus)

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