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    ColacPhil schreibt:

    The Colac 6-day race Committee have great pleasure in announcing that Greek Superstar, Yiannis Kouros, without doubt the best Ultra runner in the world will compete in the 20th Cliff Young Australian 6-day race at Colac, Victoria from the 20th till the 26th November 05. Kouros, who will be travelling from Athens to compete in the event, is the holder of several world records including the 6day track record of 1023.2km(set at Colac twenty one years ago) and the 24hr track record of 303km.

    Kouros last competed at Colac in 2000 where he won with 801.6km. This is still an incredible distance when you consider that he was injured after two days. Kouros is looking at improving this distance this time and looks like being in top form after completing the double Sparthathlon in Greece earlier this year.

    Race commentator, Phil Essam believes that with the addition of Kouros into the field, the race has the potential to be one of the best 6-day races of all times. "Kouros isnt going to have it all his own way this year. Claude Hardel from France, ran 923 km in a 6-day race at Germany earlier this year and there are two Japanese runners that have excellent results to their name this year. The first is Kenji Okiyama who ran 407km in a 48hr race this year and the other one is Muneharu Kiroda who ran over 250km in a 24hr race at Tapei earlier this year. This race has the potential to be one of the best." said Essam

    The race is being run from the 20th to the 26th of November at Memorial Square, Colac. It can be followed online at www.sixdayrace.org.au . There are now thirty seven runners in the field with twelve different countries being represented. Spectators are encouraged to attend and cheer on the runners throughout the six days of the event. There will also be bands playing during the week and several other activities will be happening at the Square throughout the week..

    Phil Essam

    (03.11.2005, Steppenhahn)

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    Tobias schrieb am 03-11-2005 19:02:



    wie die Zeit vergeht...

    Ist das nun echt schon wieder fast ein Jahr her, dass Jesper das Feld von Colac aufgemischt hat?

    Viele Grüße

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