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  • Neues vom 6-Tage-Lauf in Copenhagen (03.-09.08.2003)
    Jesper schreibt:
    Dear runners,
    As I have promised several of you I'll send out an 'pre-race briefing' with more detailed information about the race and the participants. It has been delayed a bit due to a training camp in Russia and the participation in the first Danish Championships on 100km, yesterday.
    You are very wellcome to ask any further questions. Besides the information updates the idea of a pre-race mail is to make it possible for the participants to contact each other if you wish so - maybe some of you have allready met in previous races.
    Finally we would very much like to recieve your arrival data as soon as you have it avaliable, as well as a final comfirmation of participation from each runners as the field is limited to 15.
    With best wishes & looking forward to seeing you in Copenhagen,
    The 6-day Race Team.

    1. Athletes entered in the Copenhagen 6-day Race, 3-9 August 2003.
    USA, Timothy Kourounis
    Canada, Gary O'Connor
    Japan, Aki Inoue (winner of Colac 6-day Race 2002)
    India, Aurun Bwai
    Germany, Conelia Bullig
    France, Colline Bodet
    Slovenia, Miclos Molnar
    Sweden, Andreas Larsson
    Denmark, Kim Rasmussen
    Denmark, Jesper Olsen

    On the 'wait' list:

    - Yainnis Kouros, Greece
    - Krijn Kroetzen, Holland
    - Lars Sätran, Norway
    - Hardy Mattson (racewalker), Denmark

    With the many strong runners entered in the race we should all have an interesting competetion, and the race team will do their best offer a good arena for the friendly 'battle' :-)
    Still we ask you beforehand to bare with us as it's the first time we organize a 6-day race, so please don't expect a 100% fault-free arrangement.

    2. Regurding handlers.
    At present we don't have personal handlers for all runners, but ofcourse the main racestaff will make avaliable the essentials to all runners. Still should some runners wish to have assigned a personal helper/assistant during some of the race then we suggest they contact us and we'll try to assign them a handler. Most of them will be fluent in english.

    3. Time system / lap counting.
    Reguarding time system and logistics then we are lucky to have a very dedicated 'tecnical director' wich also is my sisters husband. He has developed a chip-system especially for this race with capacity of registrating the daily distance & laps of each runner as well as the daily fastest & slowest lap, processing ranking lists etc. Output & print will be done once every hour. Also a safety backup-print will be produced automaticly each time a runners crosses the startline.
    The chip has dimestions: 2cm x 1cm and is to be attaced to the athletes shoe. It will be provided to the runners during the registration procedure in Copenhagen (more about this later). It is important keep this chip all the race. After the last raceday we kindly ask that it be returned to the raceorganisation.

    4. Food and energy.
    Food and energy supplies will as mentioned on the website be limited, but we are working strongly on gathering enough sponsors to fill all the needs of the foreign runners. This will take some time yet before it's fully settled. Water and some engergy-drink will be provided for all runners. Please be prepared to be self-supplied with special foods. Most products can be bourght in nearby shops wich is generally open 8-20 o'clock.
    Two small foodstores and a resturant is located 100meters from the racetrack.
    Toilets is avaliable 150 meters from the track.

    5. Arrival.
    Reguarding your arrival we can offer transport to/from airport on arrival and departure. The transport time by car will be approx. 1 hour. (the airport is near the city center but traffic is heavy even it our small contry...).

    6. Accomodation.
    Accomodation is still at the 'negotiation-level', but if you can accept non-luxury conditions then we will be happy to accomodate you. We are working on this and will keep each of you informed dependent on your request. We expect to have a mix of private accomodation and sports-hall accomodation near the track. Ofcourse you are wellcome to arrange for your own accomodation and we may be able to suggest you the nearest or best solutions.

    7. Information about Copenhagen & Denmark. (general info'). (historical, political, geographical). (local guide, hotel prices, nightlife).

    - We hope that you besides a good race also will have an enjoyable stay in Copenhagen !

    Well. This is all for now. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We'll keep in touch.

    On behalf of the race team,
    Jesper /

    (12.06.2003, Steppenhahn)

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