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Nächster Ultramarathon

Dan Coffey , 28. August 2005

6-Tage-Lauf Erkrath 2005

Take the following numbers, mix and try to work out a result...full details later!!
2, 35, 6, 144, 8640,518, 43,452, 18,713. There was also an important X Factor to be included!!

The numbers above relate to the 2nd International 6 Day race held at Erkrath, Germany from 31.07.05 to 06.08.05.

This year I decided to drive there. Forgot the Schools were on holiday so after landing at Boulogne late in the evening drove to Calais and found hotels were nearly all full, fortunately found one with a spare room.

Next day steady drive to Dusseldorf, got lost both at Antwerp and in Dusseldorf, that is why I like track running, less chance of getting lost but I manage that even then!

Travelled up and down the A 46 towards Wuppertal five times before I found Erkrath.

It was so much easier last year when I was met at the Airport!

Set up tent, parked car by side and all set to beat last year’s distance. What a hope!

With no expense spared the Organisers had arranged English weather, unfortunately they were too generous and after a heavy deluge the track was flooded by several inches. If only they had provided bikes we could have had a Triathlon! Despite this the race started on time and all the runners appeared able to swim quite well in the flooded parts of the track!

Day 1 finished with three runners in contention; they were Wolfgang Schwerk Germany,. on 224.20 km; Claude Hardel France on 201.38.17 km and Achim Heukemes Germany. 182.96 km. Remember earlier in the year he had run across Australia!

Day 2 saw Wolfgang Schwerk on 382 km which was a new German 48 hour record; he promptly retired which left Claude in 1st place on 363 km.and Achim on 304 km.

The remaining 4 days saw Claude increase his lead steadily over the rest of the field to finish with a very fine 923.21 km, 2nd was Hans-Jurgen Schlotter Ger 802.3 km.who had steadily moved up the field to pass Achim who finished with 781.08 km.

He had to keep an eye on the runner behind him as Christine Bodet, France had been running very sensibly and nearly sneaked 3rd. place overall. She was the first Lady with a fantastic 773.47 kms! A further 30 km. Behind her was Martina Hausman Germany, a really gutsy performer !!

Christine broke the Age best by 3kms. And a very quiet but determined runner, Christian Mainix France broke the over 65 Age best with a final 701.013 km.which put on another 60 km to the previous record!

Apologies to all those I have left out but plead old age!! Please forgive me!

Full results can be found on the web.www.ultrarunner.de/0-6tage.

Conditions throughout the race were very different to last year’s heat; fluctuating temperatures, very heavy rain on occasions causing the track to flood but this was cleared by dedicated helpers, still no bikes provided.

Hot, cold, acceptable but not too much wind. An interesting test of one’s resolve; mine was to be found in a sleeping bag more than I wanted!!

The direction changed every 6 hours which gave us something to look forward to, particularly the last one! It was like scene shifters moving in and altering the Pantomime.

There was live music in the evenings for both spectators and runners.

It was nice to see Elsa Bayer turn up, she had broken her arm 2 weeks earlier in Cologne and was not able to run; last year she set a 65 Womens’ age best on this track!

Also another great German Lady, Renata Nierkens who set a great record at the Gateshead International Stadium in 1990 in a Six Day race.

The end of the race was as the start, with torrential rain for the Presentation which still went ahead but still no bikes!

I left the following morning and promptly got lost yet again both near Dusseldorf, Antwerp and Brussels but finally made it back to the U,K. late on Monday night.

Tired but happy..I had not achieved my target but was looking at ways of improving it. Now an extra day would be useful!

One thought, on the way there I was listening to Radio 4 Long wave in the car and there was a discussion about Alf. Tupper of Comic fame based on the true character, Alfred Shrubb. It was worked out that he must now be in his Seventies and a commentary followed by David Coleman when the two leading Americans were passed in the final miles by an Englishman, It was Alf Tupper, the Event?? The Olympic Marathon in London in 2012.

I wonder whether I could ????? No, just think on it!

By the way those numbers at the beginning…

  • 2 =2nd. International 6 day in Germany.
  • 35=number of competitors,
  • 6=6 day race
  • 144=number of hours,
  • 8640,518=number of minutes.
  • 43,452=number of laps.
  • 18,713=kms.approx.
  • the X factor=calories consumed, calories expended, number of helpers, money involved, organization, Well done to Sigi, Conny and all who achieved such a great race. All the best Conny for your stay in Hospital and with Sigi both of you have a good holiday afterwards and this is for everyone who took part!!!

© Dan Coffey , 28. August 2005

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Erkrath 2005: Dan Coffey
Erkrath 2005: Dan Coffey
Erkrath 2005: Dan Coffey
Erkrath 2005: Dan Coffey
Erkrath 2005: Dan Coffey
Erkrath 2005: Dan Coffey
Erkrath 2005: Dan Coffey
Erkrath 2005: Dan Coffey