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  Multidays - Rafferty, Tony

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Rafferty, Tony

Tony RaffertyTony Rafferty M (AUS), geb. 1939-00-00

Tony Rafferty was a very capable long distance runner whose exploits were well publicised, making him a household name. In the picture at right, he completes a Melbourne-Portsea-Melbourne run, overshadowing Percy Cerutty's run from Portsea to Malbourne. He was the first person to run from Melbourne to Sydney and return. He was a one time holder of the world record for 1000 miles, a mark which stood for seven years.
(AURA Hall of Fame)
Tony Rafferty (2004)

Tony is well known for his many running achievements, including (but certainly not limited to) being the first person to run from Sydney to Melbourne (1972), first person to run across Australia (Fremantle to Surfers Paradise, 1973), ran Melbourne to Sydney and return (1978), first person to run through Death Valley in mid summer, winner 1000 mile race at Granville in 1989 establishing the world record which stood for 7 years. Tony has also won many awards including the Australia Day medal in 1972 for services to Youth Sport and Fitness and the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to ultrarunning and the promotion of community fitness. Tony acted as Vice President of AURA from 1987 to 2000 and for many years was the IAU delegate
(AURA - Vorstellung life member)


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