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24h Ñ Ultrafondo Spain (ESP)
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l.arribas schreibt:

Hi all (sorry to post in English, the closest I can get to German is

We would like to announce you some news from our club. An IAU rules road
ultra 24h even will take place in the outskirts of Madrid on dates 10&11th
May 2008. Race is likely to be run along a 1km to 1m lap (following IAU
rules, race course is not definitively set) that will include a 1/8m run
around the bullring at Torrejon town.

Race details.

Event name. Challenge 24h Ñ Ultrafondo Spain
Race date 10th and 11th May 2008
Town Torrejón de Ardoz (13km east Madrid downtown). Good and easy train and
bus connections from hotels and cutural area. Town lies 10k east Madrid
Airport for returning trip.
No PB or qualifying time required. Goal is to gather a nice bunch of
Web (english info available too)

Ñ Ultrafondo club is experienced in organising ultra events (i.e. 24h
track 2006 Euro. Championships) and we all have good vibes on this new
event. Do not hesitate to visit and place your comments in our blog.


Luis Arribas
Race blogmaster.
Luis schreibt weiter:

Dear ultrarunners,

To celebrate that our race has been granted with IAU Bronze Label, we would like to inroduce you our new domain

Please update your links.

Luis Arribas
Director Técnico
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