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RAW Afrika Namib Desert (Namibia)
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The Ultimate Running adventure - 250Km Trail Footrace through the Namib Desert
5 Stages, 5 Days

100 Competitors

RAW AFRICA is part of the toughest footrace series in the World: 5 days, 5 stages of high-endurance ultra running.

Competitors carry their kit and food for 5 days in their backpacks during the ultimate African Adventure.


Sossusvlei - Namib Desert

RAW Africa is the longest and toughest race in Namibia. Runners will race through the Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert, which is a huge clay-pan, enclosed by mighty sand dunes. Some of the spectacular dunes reach a height of 300 metres and are of the highest in the world.

During exceptional rainy seasons in Namibia (every 10 years), Sossusvlei may fill with water, but normally it is bone dry. As the clay layers are hardly impervious to water, a turquoise lake remains for some time.

Wind continually reshapes the patterns of the huge dunes. At sunrise and sunset the colours of the dunes are strong and constantly changing.

Only the toughest will make it to the finish!

It is a RAW event so you are on your own. Like all our events it is camping and self sufficiently all the way.

To accept the challenge with only 100 places available for the race, to ensure you participation you are strongly advised to contact immediately, Enid Matthews on

For more information please visit:

"May your road ahead be long and arduous."
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