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RAW Scandinavia (SWE)
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The Ultimate Running adventure - 122 Mile Trail Race

1 Stage, 2 Days

100 Competitors

Competitors will race through birch forests, along picturesque lake shores, through remote valleys and over narrow mountain passes as high as 1000m. It has to be considered one of the most picturesque Trail Challenges on the planet.

It will not be easy
The Kungsleden (The Kings Trail)

Competitors will challenge themselves over 122 Miles along the famous Kings Trail in the North of Sweden. RAW Scandinavia is the longest and toughest race in Sweden. With the trail travelling through the Swedish highlands you are guaranteed both loads of altitude running and spectacular views.

The challenge starts near Abisko and follows the Abisko River through a forest and later along the Abisko Lake and into large grazing areas frequented by reindeer. The race continues over the Tj?ktja pass, reaching the highest ascent during the race, 1140 metres. The route then loops west to Nikkaluokta and will finish back at the race villiage near Abisko.

The scenery and surroundings will be beautiful but only the toughest will make it to the finish!

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Letzte Änderung: 03-10-2008
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