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RAW Britain (GBR)
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We at Ambition Events are transforming the, already legendary, "Marathon of Britain" into a greater, more physically demanding challenge. Now officially a part of the RAW (Run Across the World) series as RAW Britain, the "M OB" finds a new home in the rugged, remote and unforgiving Scottish highlands. The highlands of Scotland feature, what is regarded internationally, as some of the most stunningly beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views you will find anywhere on the planet.

Whether you are running in the shade of the UK's highest peak, racing through the glorious glens, traversing craggy and tricky ridges or negotiating untouched trails, you are assured of an arduous and awe-inspiring event that is steeped in history, mysticism and bravery.

Not content with just giving you the most visually appealing trail, we have chosen the harder path. We know that people, who choose to run a RAW event, do not want the easy route, so we have formulated what we believe will be the toughest challenge ever to be staged in the British Isles. 200 miles, six days and self sufficiency - what you need you must carry. With a trail carefully chosen to not only test you to the limits of your physical resolve, but to force you to access your sharpest wits and to pull on newfound levels of stamina, to ultimately prove to yourself that it can be done. It will not be easy, but It can be done.

Starting in the shadow of the majestic Ben Nevis, the route will take on the Neptune's Staircase at the Caledonian Canal, continuing on the banks of Loch Ness, where if you are quick you may catch a glimpse of the mythical Nessi, and on to savour the rustic romanticism of the waterways of the Scottish hinterlands. Then the route heads northwards through the kind of wonder invoking and spiritual scenery that songs have been written about through the ages.

After running through a stretch of landscape that has been described as "desolate" "foreboding" and "the last untouched wilderness area in Britain" the race will end at the lighthouse at Cape Wrath, the most North-Westerly point on the Scottish mainland. You may very well feel a little lonely up North. Fitting, as you will be well and truly on your own.

Each RAW challenge is over 100 miles of non stop, feet numbing, muscle aching endurance that will test the body to its ultimate limit, where all participants will confront their weaknesses and assess their strengths to reach an ultimate realisation of what they can do and who they can be.

Scottish Highlands

200 Miles - 6 Days – 6 Stages

The route boasts Britain's highest peaks and most spectacular glens, fascinating archaeological sites, mysterious loch monsters and massive seabird colonies. It's the place to get your heart pumping by scrambling over dramatic ridges, or slowing the pace along the peaceful waterways.

The Start: Benavie – a small settlement near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. Competitors will begin the ultimate trail challenge near to Neptune’s Staircase - a staircase lock comprising eight locks on the Caledonian Canal which is the longest staircase lock in the United Kingdom.

The Finish Line - the lighthouse at Cape Wrath - the most north westerly point on mainland Scotland featuring some of Britain’s highest cliffs. The name of the headland derives, not from the stormy waters of the area but from the Norse word for a turning point, for here the Norsemen turned their ships to head for home.

Only the toughest will make it to the finish!
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