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Sa., 17.01.2009 
UK Ultra Running - Thames Path Ultra (GBR)
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50 Miles - 1 Stage - 300 Competitors

50 miles of nonstop, feet numbing, muscle aching endurance that will test the body to its ultimate limit, where the runners will confront their weaknesses and assess their strengths to reach an ultimate realization of what they can do and who they can be.

It is an ideal event to help those preparing for Marathon des Sables or a RAW event. Long supported training events are hard to come by in the lead up to MDS.

The 2nd edition of the Thames Path Ultra is set to attract a record number of competitors and local press coverage.

Thames Path Ultra is part of Ambition Events’ “UK Ultra Running Series”.

"UK Ultra Running" is a unique series of Ultra Marathons which have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Raced by individuals who seek to achieve higher goals, take on unique challenges and find new mountains to climb.

This series of UK based ultra challenges has started to attract a large number of athletes from all around Europe, interested in competing through some of the most beautiful countryside which Britain has to offer. Beauty aside, competitors can be assured of a challenge which is different, inimitable, requiring new found depths of self confidence and resolute persistence as they battle against whatever the elements decide to throw at them.
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Letzte Änderung: 03-03-2010
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