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Fr., 04.05.2012 
Dolichos ultra race Delphi-Olympia (GRE)
Letzte Änderung am 01-11-2011 durch Steppenhahn
A new ultra race, an idea and an initiative conceived and conducted by a
team of runners and other running experts, wishing to put across a different approach to the new event as regards its distance, the choice of the terrain and its timing, after having purposefully selected a location in Greece privileged by the two exceptional sites of Delphi and Olympia to be the focal points of its Start and Finish respectively.

With 60% of mountain tracks and 40% of rural asphalt-laid roads or not, the new event acquires of a particular significance in Greece and on European level alike.

With its route descending before dark from Delphi’s heights, Itea, Galaxidi, Nafpaktos, small maritime towns on its way, a hi-tech bridge further down at Rio-Antirrio, climbing up on mounts Panakhaikon and Erymanthos, a halt to take a deep breath at the picturesque village of Kalentzi, a passage as the crow flies between heaven and earth, to overlook the Peloponnese most astounding panoramic view displayed at its foot, then sneaking and vanishing into Foloi’ s fairy woodland, and drawing at its close, at the end of its periplus, attain the mythical Stadium of Olympia with the splendour of twelve centuries of Olympic Games.

This is the new race Delphi - Olympia.
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Letzte Änderung: 01-11-2011
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