The 60 & 120 K around Texel Easter Monday 21 April 2003

A fascinating run around the island Texel, with a varying and challenging route; organized by AV Texel every odd year on Easter Monday: 1991-93-95-97-99-01. The first part along the west coast includes beach, wood, dunes and cycle tracks. The second part along the east coast has paved roads only, and will lead through the villages of Oost, Oosterend and Oudeschild. The last part goes through the area of 'The High Mountain', a boulder clay relic from the Saale ice-age. Here the runners face some little slopes before they approach, downhill, the finish at the bike track south of the island's capital Den Burg. NB see map on back of the Dutch leaflet or the website (partly in English). Latest news is published also on 'De Zestig van Texel' is on the IAU Fixture List, participates in the 'Marathon & Ultra Cup' (a Belgian-Dutch circuit), and belongs to the five biggest Dutch ultraraces, together with Winschoten 100 km, Apeldoorn 24 hrs, Uden 24 hrs and Stein 6 hrs.


Distance, maximum number Start time & site Site of finish, cutoff Entry fee (Euro)

120 km solo, 35 runners 04.35, bike track bike track, 12 ? hrs 30 - 45

60 km solo, 230 runners 10.35, NIOZ bike track, 6 ? hrs 20 - 30

4 x 15 km relay, 70 teams 11.35, NIOZ bike track, 5 ? hrs 45 - 60 (team)

28 km 1st part, 60 runners 11.35, NIOZ Slufterweg, 3 hrs 15

32 km 2nd part, 25 runners 14.05, Slufterweg bike track, 3 hrs 15

The 120, 60 and 4 x 15 km are official races, open also to performance (fun) runners. Lowest fees refer to club members of national athletic federations. The 28/32 kms are fun runs only. Although 'De Zestig van Texel' is well sponsored by local businesses, there are no funds available for invitations to foreign runners to cover their travel costs etc., unfortunately. Entries should be made at least before 15 March 2003 but preferably as soon as possible since there is a maximum number of participants for each distance category, for logistic reasons. Acceptance of entries after 15 March (with increased entry fees: euro 50 for 120 km, euro 35 for 60 km) depend on the available spare in logistics so please consult the organization by telephone or email. Late entries on the day of the race are not possible !

Entry to the 120 km is limited to runners with a 100 km race result < 9.5 hrs (for both males and females). The 120 km run starts (in the dark) with an anti-clockwise loop. Runners will be guided and taken care of by mountain bikers from Texel. The runners should prepare (and hand over to these bikers at the start) their own stock of drinks/food needed. At the end of the first loop, runners turn at NIOZ (see below) to start the loop in the normal clockwise direction. The front runners will keep their Texel bikers (or get a new one) whereas the slower 120 km runners from then on have to rely on the normal refreshment posts about every 5 km. However, both 120 and 60 km runners can be accompanied by 1 coach or supporter by bicycle (under certain restrictions). Ultrarunners that lack such companion are enabled to have private drinks and clothes posted at the refreshment posts at the relay sites after about 15 (=75), 30 (=90) and 45 (=105) km. These items should be handed over to the organization well before the start. Each 5 km is sign-posted, running down from (115 km and) 55 km to 5 km.

Start and finish facilities (at different places!)

The start of most program items is near the main entrance of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ), about 300 m east of the ferry harbour. Luggage of ultra-runners should be handed over (after clear labelling) to the organization for transfer to the finish location. The 120 km participants will be informed about special arrangements. The finish of all races (except the 28 km 1st part) is at the bike track south of Den Burg, near the sporthall 'Ons Genoegen'. Here there are dressing rooms with showers, and a number of massage tables available. The distribution of prizes starts at 17.05, right after the official closing of the finish registration. Busses will depart from the sporthall back to the ferries of 18.05 & 18.35.

How to reach Texel?

Texel lies 100 km north of Amsterdam and can be reached by ferry (only a 20 min sail) from Den Helder. Ferries leave Den Helder every hour, at 35 min past the hour. On Easter Monday the ferry service starts at 07.35 - on week days at 06.35 - and the last ferry leaves Den Helder 21.35. Take some time for parking the car - the race is organized such that you do not need a car on the island except if you like to spend some more days on Texel - and buying your ferry ticket. Tickets are always two-ways. Car reservation is not possible (but queues are rare).

People arriving by train in Den Helder can take bus no 33 to the ferry harbour, for which you need a 'strippen-kaart' (obtainable at train stations, tobacco shops etc). Trains departing 8 min. to the hour from Amsterdam Central Station have the best connection.

Transport on Texel: bikes can be rented right at the ferry harbour (ca 5 euro per day) and in all villages and major accommodation blocks. There are public bus services on the island and there is also the Telekomtaxi (reservations tel. 322211), with shared transport for only 4 euro (price 2002) per person per trip regardless the distance. This taxi service can also be booked when you buy your ferry ticket in Den Helder, for transfer to the accommodation.

Leaving Texel: Ferry service back to Den Helder is every hour at 5 min. past the hour - from 06.05 - 21.05. In this direction you do not have to show your ticket.


Lodging facilities on the island range from campings and bed & breakfast to bungalows and hotels in different categories. In view of Easter holidays, advanced and early booking is highly recommended, via the local tourist bureau VVV Texel:

tel 0031 222-314741, fax 0031 222-310054, email, website

Note that bookings for 1 night are quite difficult to realize. The organization is able to offer (a limited number of (in total 42) beds in dormitory rooms of the NIOZ guesthouse 'De Potvis' (very close to the start of the 60 km) for the night before the race. Costs vary between euro 10 - with own sleeping bag - and euro 20 = incl. sheets and breakfast (price level 2002). Please make your reservation with the organization well in time. In the guesthouse also a pasta party + a lecture on ultrarunning will be given during the evening before the day of the race.

Entries and additional info

Entries (preferably on special forms, to be obtained from the same address) should go to

De Zestig van Texel, Piet Bakelaar, Noordwester 53, 1791 HE Den Burg, Nederland.

Entry forms (in Dutch and in English) can also be loaded from the website

Prior to late entries (after 15 March) one should consult Piet Bakelaar, tel 0031 222 313843, or email to , as these will be accepted only if the maximum number has not been reached. Please note again that on the day of the race, late entries are not at all possible ! The entry fee, with euro 3,50 added for a result booklet if desired, should be deposited at RABO Bank at the name of AV Texel, postal code 1791 HE Den Burg. (NB foreign participants outside the euro zone are allowed to pay on the day of the race). Guesthouse bed and pasta party bookings should also be directed to Piet Bakelaar. Participants will receive confirmation of their entry, and about two weeks before the race the program booklet with the lists of participants. Other telephone numbers and email addresses for general info:

0031 222 - 318 657 (Albert Hoven), or 222 - 318 512 (Cees Timmer,

Info especially for 120 km: 0031 222 - 317 716 (Martien Baars,

Please note that all phone numbers are at home, so evening calls are most successful.

Prizes and categories

Except for the 60 km Men, there will be no distinction in master categories. The prize money scheme will be published on the website and in the programme booklet. Special challenge trophies exist for a number of programme items. There are premiums of 125 euro for breaking the race records (see the Dutch leaflet). Furthermore, a lottery of prizes in kind will be held for all participants that enlisted before 15 March. Every participant gets a T-shirt 'De Zestig van Texel 2003'.