Entry form DE 60 / 120 VAN T E X E L

S O L O D I S T A N C E S          21 APRIL 2003

First name

Family name

Man / woman

Birth date and age*)


Postal code & town


Telephone & fax

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Name and city of club

*) Please fill in both your birth date (day-month-year) and your age on 21 April 2003 (the latter determines your master category)

Please tick desired distance :

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Max. number of participants

Fee for entries before 15 March *)

120 km (requirement: 100 km < 9.30)

35 persons

euro 30 for federation members, euro 45 others

60 km

215 persons

euro 20 for federation members, euro 30 others

28 km 1st part (performance run)

75 persons

euro 15

32 km 2nd part (performance run)

25 persons

euro 15

*) Later entries only possible after consultation (by phone or email) of the organization: if accepted, higher fee (50, 35 & 20 euro resp.)

A booklet, mainly in Dutch, with results and reports in newspapers and running magazines can be ordered by ticking in the table below and adding payment of euro 3,50. This booklet will be mailed to your home address sometime in June.

Please fill in the amount of money due:


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Entry fee






Result booklet

Euro 3,50






Total amount


Please transfer the amount due to RABO Bank account at the name of AV Texel, postal code 1791 HE Den Burg, Nederland, and make sure that your name and desired distance are detectable. (NB Foreign participants outside the euro zone are allowed to pay in cash on the evening before or on the day of the race.) The organization will mail you confirmation of your entry, supplemented with specific info regarding your distance category (like luggage handling etc)

Runners who wish to particpate in the 120 km of Texel for the first time, are requested to send a CV with previous race results. In view of the sharp cutoff of 12? hours, it is necessary to have completed an official 100 km race within 9.5 hours (during the past five years).

Particpants will receive a program booklet (including lists of entries) at their home address about 1.5 weeks before the day of the race. Note that the start numbers (1 for the chest and 1 for the back, to faciltate recognition of distance category when runners are passing each other) have to be collected the day before the race (120 km) or at the start bureau on the day of the race (all other distances).

Please make timely your reservations with the local tourist bureau VVV Texel (+31-222-314741, fax +31-222-310054, email info@texel.net, website www.texel.net) in case you like to arrive some days before the day of the race. In case you need accommodation for one night only: that is extremely difficult to reserve for at the commercial accommodations. The organization is able to offer a bed (with 42 beds in total in 7 dormitories) in the NIOZ guesthouse 'In den Potvis' (min.costs: euro 10 per person) for the night 20/21 April. Please indicate somewhere on this form if you would like to make a reservation for the NIOZ guesthouse (near ferry harbour and the start of the 60 km). 120 km runners sleeping in De Potvis will be transferred to the start in Den Burg by the organization early in the morning.

Please note that one participates on own risk in 'De Zestig van Texel'. The organization does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for damage due to accidents, theft, or other misfortunes etc.

Date:             Signature :

Please mail/fax this form as soon as possible (but anyway before 15 March 2003) to: Secr.De 60/120 van Texel, Noordwester 53, 1791 HE Den Burg, The Netherlands (tel/fax+31-222-313843) (or email as attachment to pjbakelaar@tref.nl )