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  • Trans-America in 2011 :-)
    In 2011, Two Fabulous Footrace

    To dream about ….

    Los Angeles - New York - 19 June 2011 - 3000 Miles - 68 days
    On the trail of Andy Payne...

    In 1928 at the age of 20 Payne won the first Trans America footrace from LA to NY

    From an idyllic spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean and in a magnificent setting of palm trees in Santa Monica, the « Los Angeles – New York Footrace » will takeoff for a new adventure: June 19, 2011.

    California will unfold beneath your feet all the way to Las Vegas, the capital of Nevada. The immensity and luminosity of the Mohjave desert will overwhelm you and it's with a taste for the inifite that you will discover the mountains of Arizona. You will cross the territory of the Navajo Indians, vast tablelands and multicolored mountains. The doors of New Mexico will open at the highest point of the race, 9131 feet. Then there will be a gentle descent to the plains of Oklahoma with a succession of ranches where cowboys ride among heards of cattle and oil wells. Missouri with its forests, many rivers and trails will bring you the cool air of the countryside...

    You will cross the Mississippi River into Illinois with its roads lined by cultivated fields as far as the eye can see. At this point your patience and your nerves will be severely tried but you will stick to your objective.

    The plains of the Middle West will give your tired legs a rest before you attack the Blue Mountain of Pennsylvania and then civilization.

    When the skyscrapers of the « Big Apple » finally loom before you
    your dream will have become reality
    You did it!

    A history of transcontinental footraces organized in the United States (with more than 3 participants):

    - 1928: The first orgnaized race between LA and NY in 84 days (199 runners started, which is the largest number ever for a transcontinental race).

    - 1929: Race from NY to LA

    These 2 races are known as the Bunion Derbies and were organized by C.C. Pyle on the same principle as the Tour de France: the time recorded on each daily stage made it possible to rank the runners.

    - 1992 – 1995: The Trans America Footrace was organized four times by Jesse Dale Riley and Michael Kenney from LA to NY in 64 days.

    - 2002 and 2004: Run Across America organized twice by Alan Firth, from LA to NY in 71 days

    Ever since the pioneers set foot on American soil, crossing the continent has been a myth. Through the Internet we have learned that scores of people have crossed the country on foot, on roller skates, on bike or by car. This immense continent never leaves one indifferent and continues to captivate modern day adventurers.

    The little sister

    Los Angeles - Las Vegas Footrace - 19 June 2011 300Miles - 7 days

    Come live this week long footrace on the dry and dusty roads of Nevada and California. From Santa Monica through Victorville to Barstow, you will leave your footprints on Route 66. Then the trails in the Mojave desert will take you to Baker and Primm before you see a distant oasis of extravagant architecture. The Las Vegas lights will shine in the blazing sun and you will need your sunglasses if you don't want to be dazzled.

    At this point you can have your well earned rest.
    Come share this American dream with us

    The two races will take place simultaneously. The runners of both races will take the same route under the same conditions (same departure date, same daily departure schedule, same rules....)

    Organization : UltraRunning Association

    Organizers : Laure Magnan, Joël Richard et Serge Girard

    For more details ask your questions: lany11@orange.fr

    (15.04.2009, Steppenhahn)

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    Peter JK Hunold schrieb am 16-04-2009 10:37:

    Re: Kein Betreff

    @schneggi: man kann halt mit allem ein Geschäft machen, selbst mit Ultramarathon - wenn auch kein großes...
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